Ashley and team are hard working and extremely creative. They saved us thousands of dollars by managing our social advertisements. AEK understands how to deliver real value to business owners. If they have something to say make time to listen. Alec Rochford, CEO, duby

I worked with Ashley to help build my brand online. Ashley offered original ideas and my social media audience grew substantially. I got a once in a lifetime opportunity with Duluth Trading Co. as a result of her creative and fearless approach to partnerships. Ashley is a pleasure to work with.Sara Bendrick, DIY Channel

Ashley’s modus operandi is to propel and serve people who are running and managing big endeavors, inside small and medium-sized businesses, and in their lives. I’ve experienced this firsthand ever since connecting with her at the Colorado Innovation Network SUMMIT event, several years back. She’s dedicated to helping people accomplish significant things in their lives and careers, and she does so by connecting and advising with a big heart, a ton of technical experience, and a strategic mind for marketing, growth, and efficiency. Ashley’s forte serves many arenas including start-ups, mobile technology, and cannabis, and she’s a wizard at creating strategic partnerships that drive possibility and profitability.Dave Momper, Founder, THRIVAL CONCEPTS

Ashley is consistently persistent in hacking our social media successfully. We really enjoy working with her and have been in awe of her services and professionalism. As an owner of of a young start-up company, social media is incredibly important and we have relied on Ashley to help stay in budget while driving to success. Thank you for believing in us. We appreciate your hard work and patience.Russ Thomas, CTO, duby

Ashley’s as interesting a mix of friendly and forceful as I’ve ever met. Add to this her deep diving subject matter expertise, as good a ‘feel’ for the game of marketing & PR as you’ll find, and a network that’s second to none, and results follow effort PDQ. She’s simply amazing to watch. Hire her if you can.Kevin Johansen, CEO at the Business Catapult

Ashley is an expert social media consultant and an energetic and creative supporter of community-based economic development. Both create communities that thrive. We’re happy to be associated with Ashley and her great work and look forward to working together in the future.Cathy Smith, President, Collaborative Services

Ashley Kingsley is a fearless dynamo. While generating ideas and connections between people, she makes you laugh and wish you had a fraction of her energy and passion. Sharing and engaging with people comes naturally to Ashley and she is the sort of powerful speaker who can have her audience laughing one minute and crying the next. And leaving inspired! Erika Yost Kumar Responsible Investment Analyst

Having had the pleasure to work for Ashley with Daily Deals for Moms was an opportunity for me to learn from one of the best. Her passion for social media, for women in business and for supporting small business is incredibly inspiring and infectious. Ashley doesn’t see problems as problems – she sees them opportunities to react creatively to hurdles as she climbs to the top. She is an enthusiastic leader whom I would jump at the chance to work for again. Whatever Ashley touches, is better off as a result. Whitney Boyer, Senior Buyer at Steal Network, LLC

What happens when mix a master marketer, social media maven and savvy business woman? You get a gutsy entrepreneur in the form of Ashley Kingsley. I am consistently blown away by Ashley’s business acumen, her network, and her sheer fearlessness. She (along with her co-founder) has built an incredible business without any funding for the first two years – and it’s giving the established players a serious run for their money. Having worked with Ashley this past year, I think she (and her company) are a sure thing when it comes to success. She’s a pleasure to work for and is poised for great things!Alicia Nieva-Woodgate, Managing Director, ANW Networks

It is a true pleasure to work with Ashley! She is intelligent, creative, hard-working, innovative, inspirational, passionate, and fun. Her business savvy, social media expertise, marketing prowess and eye for opportunity have been, and will continue to be, the key ingredients to her success. She is headed down a road to greatness! Keri Ellisor Stafford, Director of Marketing & Creative Strategy at The Mother List

Ashley is a wise, funny and insightful person who is a joy to be around. You will be disarmed by her quiet intelligence and broad smile. She might be the best writer and overall communicator I have met in years. In time you learn that she is beloved and respected. Richard Steckel, Director at Milestones Project

Ashley is a true professional that has inspired me since I first met her at a digital marketing summit in 2008. She has an unmatched energy for her clients. She is unlike other marketers, Ashley approaches her projects like an artist would a canvas, more than a story, more than a business, she dives in to understand the root of what makes her clients unique and authentic. She loves the work and it shows through her client’s results. A natural connector, Ashley always is one phone call away from the perfect introduction for her colleagues, her friends and clients. I will never stop looking for opportunities to work with her.Melissa Hourigan, CEO Digital Idea Media